Mine Surveying, Mine Construction, Coal Mining


1. Mine rock and rock mass   mechanics

2. Stope surrounding rock   control

3.Rock movement and surface   subsidence

4. Roadway surrounding rock control

5.Wellbore construction and   surrounding rock control

6. Mine disaster prevention   and control

7. Underground coal mining

8. Green mining

9. Special mining

10.Open cut coal mining


Mine Safety


1. Mine gas prevention

2. Mine fire prevention

3. Mine ventilation and dust   control

4. Mine emergency management

5. Mine water-inrush   prevention and control

6. Mine roof disaster   prevention and control

7. Mine safety management


Colliery Mechanical & Electrical Technology


1. Mining machinery and equipment

2. Mine power supply

3. Intelligent perception   and system integration

4. Mine equipment automation   and intelligentize

5. Coal mine robot


Coalfield Geology and  Exploration


1. Coalfield geology and   mine geology

2. Hydrogeology and   engineering geology

3. Coal field geophysical   prospecting and mine

geophysical prospecting

4. Coal series   unconventional gas


Coal Processing and Utilization


1. Coal chemistry

2. Coal processing

3. Coal in-situ   transformation

4. Coal thermochemical   conversion

5. Coal biochemical   conversion

6. Pollution control and   waste management



Mine Environment and Ecological Restoration