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2016 Issue 07

Study on technology of internet plus mine emergency rescue


Li Wenfeng Feng Yongming Tang Shancheng

Author Unit:

School of Communication and Information Engineering.Xian University of Science and Technology

Key Words:

mine safety;emergency rescue; internet plus; big data; cloud computing; experts system;
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in order to realize the sharing and the interconnection and intercomrmu nication of the emergence rescue data and to sove the each plaform independent operation,resource sharing and maintenance difcuty and other problems of the avalable mine emergency rescue platrm faced to the applcation of th "imtemet pus a study was conducted on the cloud computing.inernet, big data and oter technoiog;.Faced to the serice system structre the mine emecgency rescu platform based on the cloud computing was developed,including the emnergency rescue command system .emergency rescue comprehensive prte cionsystemrescueteam management system,emergency response plan and case management system.rescue equipment and materal management system,raining and exvaminaion system,training and test system.,profle information management system and ofice automation systen.A escue integation wvt unified famework.unfed temsuifid dispatch and command and unfed resources management was formed in orderto provide the nevw technical means to improve the acident rescu efciency and the reaction speed andto uttermostly reduce the accident loss.
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June 15th,2022

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