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2016 Issue 05

Application of rodless pump drainage technology to Qinshui Coalbed Methane Field


Mei Yonggui Guo Jian Su Lei Yao Hongxing Zhang Qaunjiang Cui Jianbin Cai Hua Qin Mengfu Du Huirang

Author Unit:

Shangxi Coalbed Methane Branch,PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company

Key Words:

drainage of coalbed methane; nigh inclined wel; horizontal wel; rodlless pump drainage;rodlless tubing pump: jet pump:
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According to the rod lit technology could not be applied to the drainage of high inelined calbed methane wel.a redless ubing pump and jet pump roess ifting technicue were provided and were appied to Qishui Coalbed Methane Field. The two technique both wout have a pipestring structure of the central pipe.Wwith the suriace equipment water would be changed to a high pressurzed power lioud.,the high pressure water would replace the ail sucking rod as the driving medium trelize the liquid rainage. The rodless ubing pump was appied to drain eight wels and the jet pump was appied to drain two we s: The max pump depth was 1 360.4m and a max well nclination was 90.8 " The two fechniques oth would equpoment with the gas anchors to prevent gas breastnough infuences.The surace drainage :cquipment was optimized,the faultrate was reduced and the of-cener weaing problems of the rod and pipe were eliminated.The results showed that the average drainage time eiciency of the two rolless drainage techniques would be over 95%,the operaton was stable and a continuous stable drainage of th caled nethane well was realized.
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May 15th,2022

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