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2017 Issue 07

Study on intelligent mining technology of fully-mechanized heading face


Zhang Kexue

Author Unit:

Beijing Tiandi-Marco Electro-Hydraulic Control System Co., Ltd., China Coal Technology and Engineering Group State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) Intelligent Control Technology Branch, China Coal Research Institute State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Mine Safety, China University of Mining & Technology (Beiing) Key Laboratory of Safety and High-efficiency Coal Mining, Ministry of Education (Anhui University of Science and Technology)

Key Words:

flly-mechanized heading face; itelligent mining; unmanned; mining procedure;
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Based on a method combined with the site investigation, statistic analysis and numerical calculation, the paper had a study on the present status and de velopment tendency of the intelligent mining technology for the fully-mechanized heading face, and a determination on the two stages divided from the intelligent mining technology of the fully-mechanized heading face. Thus the two stages would be a visible remote intervention mode intelligent and unmanned mining and a self-adaptive mode intelligent and unmanned mining. The paper pointed out that a limit width of the surrounding rock deformation in the fully-mechanized large cross section heading roadway was 4.5 m and the cross section width of the fully mechanized intelligent heading face should not be over 4.5 m. The paper had an intelligent mining procedure of the fully mechanized heading face, a control system ( surrounding rock detection system, production control system and video monitoring system) and the technical r oute. The paper provided that the deformation intelligent control technology of the mine large cross section roadway, the intelligent technology of the mine roadheader, t he bolt support intelligent technology, the intelligent technology of the transportation system and the video monitoring intelligent technology would be the key technologi es of the intelligent mining for the fullymechanized heading face. The study results could provide the references to the late development of the intelligent mining technol ogy for the fully-mechanized heading face.
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July 15th,2017

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