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2017 Issue 05

Features and prevention countermeasures of major disasters occurred in China coal mine


Ding Baichuan

Author Unit:

Division of Accident Investigation, State Administration of Coal Mine Safety

Key Words:

coal mine disaster; gas; water disaster; fire disaster; roof; coal dust; disaster prevention;
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In order to effectively prevent and control the major accidents occurred in coal mine and to realize the safety production situation to be sustainable stabl e and better, the classified discussion was conducted on the basic condition and disaster features of the major disaster gas, water disaster, fire disaster, roof and coal d ust accidents occurred in China coal mines from year of 2011 to 2016. The detail analysis was conducted on the major problems and lessons from the each type accide nt. Therefore,“five changes' measure proposals to prevent and control the major disasters were provided. Thus the local control as a main would be changed to the regi onal control as a main, the human prevention would be changed to comprehensive prevention and control with human prevention, technical prevention and material pre vention, the“going it alone' 'would be changed to group prevention and group control, the disaster management and control as a main would be changed to a risk preven tion and control and the process provention and control as a main would be changed to a source prevention as a main.
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May 15th,2017

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