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2017 Issue 05

Development and application of robot intelligent welding production line to hydraulic powered support


Ren Huaiwei

Author Unit:

Department of Mining and Design, Tiandi Science and Technology Company Limited

Key Words:

welding of hydraulic powered support; robot; intelligent production line; workshop informationization;
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In order to improve the welding processing quality and production efficiency of the hydraulic powered support and to improve the working environment of the workers, an intell igent hydraulic powered support welding and production line with a welding robot was researched and developed. A layer multi pass welding, laser sensing, grid deformation adaptive and other key technology were overcame and could effectively improve an adaptability between the robot and the hydraulic powered support welding. The external shaft of the welding robot, work piece fixture, production line control, intelligent logistics and other system as well as devices were researched and developed and the functions of the work piece automatic loading and unloading,auto Matic type identification, all directional welding of the structural piece and others were realized. Based on the MES ( Manufacturing Execution System) , a workshop type intelligent production management system was established and a general management and digitalized production of the whole workshop was realized. The workshop intelligent production management systemhad a 6 month industrial trial in Tagao Company, Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Corporation Limited. The application results showed that the welding efficiency wasincreased by 100%,the staff number was reduced by70% and the automatic welding product quality was stable and same. The development requirements of the production intelligent, processautomation and management informationization could be met.
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May 15th,2017

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