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2017 Issue 05

Design on intelligent control platform of mechanized mining robot based on Ethernet/IP


Huang Zenghua Nan Bingfei Zhang Kexue Feng Yinhui

Author Unit:

Intelligent Control Technology Branch, China Coal Research Institute Beijing Tiandi-Marco Electro-Hydraulic Control System Co., Ltd., China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

mechanized mining robot; communication protocol; intelligent mining; intelligent mine;
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In order to provide complete set of solution for fully mechanized coal mining equipment, this paper combines the related mining, branch, transportation and other manufacturi ng and control manufacturers, integrated fully mechanized coal mining face equipment, technology and Ethernet/IP communication protocol, designed a fully mechanized mining robot integrated intelligent control platform system; studies the control technology of fully mechanized coal mining robot, establishes the control model of fully mechanized coal mining face under the condition of complex environment of three-dimensional environment, and puts forward the coal mining mode of " unmanned operation and one person inspection" in fully mechanized coal mining face; the integrated control center of fully mechanized mining equipment is designed, and the communication interface and protocol standard of fully mechanized mining equipment are designed to realize the safe production of fully mechanized mining robot control equipment. Finally, through the operation of the system in the coal mining process of the system platform, so that based on Ethernet/IP integrated mining robot integrated intelligent control platform to achieve a safe and efficient production.
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May 15th,2017

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