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2017 Issue 03

Study on radiation characteristics of leaky rectangle waveguide in roadway


Dong Mingxia Yang Wei Shao Xiaotao

Author Unit:

School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beiing Jiaotong University

Key Words:

leaky rectangle waveguide; mine roadway; radiation characteristics; signal power;
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According to the transmission signals of the leaky waveguide had the low longitudinal damping, high transmission speed, low variation amplitude and oth er features and the plane structure had a high strength, low weight, easy installation and other advantages, the leaky rectangle waveguide was applied to establish the I ocal or full mine mobile communication system in the underground mine. Based on the HFSS simulation software, a radiation model of the leaky rectangle waveguide w as established in the mine roadway and the radiation characteristics of the leaky rectangle rectangle rectangle waveguide in the mine roadway were simulated and anal yzed. The simulation results showed that only under the excitation of the small 1 W signal source power, the leaky rectangle waveguide could provide-100 d Bm radiatio n power on the plane right above 1.5 m distance top of the leaky rectangle waveguide and could provide reliable and high received signals to the mobile stations around the leaky rectangle waveguide. The coal dust layer covered by the leaky rectangle waveguide and the jammed blocks in the cracks of the leaky rectangle waveguide bot h would cause certain influences to the radiation characteristics of the leaky rectangle waveguide. Necessary protective measures should be conducted when the leaky rectangle waveguide was applied.
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June 15th,2022

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