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2017 Issue 03

Research and development on ZMK5530TZJ100 mode truck-mounted drilling rig


Fan Dong Chang Jianghua Wang Hejian Tian Hongliang

Author Unit:

Xi'an Research Institute, China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Chang'an University

Key Words:

truck-mounted drilling rig; full hydraulic power; power head; coalbed methane drainage at surface ground;
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In order to solve the high application and maintenance cost problems of the truck-mounted drilling rig mainly imported previously, a domestic truck-moun ted dilling rig with a high price performance ratio and suitable for the coalbed methane borehole drilling was urgently researched and developed. Based on the analysis on the surface ground coalbed methane development mode, the paper had a conclusion that the drilling rig should have a drilling capacity with a depth of 2 000 m. Duri ng the construction of the vertical well, the drilling efficiency should be improved with the suitability of the technique and the directional well should meet the accurate C ontrol of the drilling tools angle at the bottom of the drilling hole. Based on the circumstances, a ZMK5530TZJ10 type truck-mounted drilling rig was researched and dev eloped. The diesel power system, electro-hydraulic control system, drilling system and others were integrated on the truck chassis and the structure was compact. A ma in shaft braking performance was designed and an accurate control on the angle of the drilling tools at the bottom hole was realized. The feeding mechanism with a tele scopic guyed mast structure would have a compact structure and a long stroke. Many electro-hydraulic linkage protection functions were designed and a thermostatic cl osed control was applied to the system cooling. An industrial test was conducted on the ZMK5530TZJ100 truck-mounted drilling rig in Jincheng Sihe Mine and the result s showed that a max drilling depth was 1 675 m and the technical suitability and reliability of drilling rig were better.
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March 15th,2017

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