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2022 Issue 05

Experimental study on longitudinal wave velocity of water-bearing coal:taking Guhanshan bituminous coal and Zhaogu anthracite as examples


LI Donghui,LIANG Yanxia,ZHANG Kai,WANG Chenxi

Author Unit:

1.Colleage of Safety Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University; 2.Collaborative Innovation Center of Central Plains Economic Region for Coalbed /Shale Gas

Key Words:

water-bearing coal; water saturation;gas extraction;coal acoustic wave;longitudinal wave
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Due to factors such as groundwater and hydraulic permeability improvement technologycoal seams have different water content in the coal body. Coal seams with different water content have a great influence on their mechanical properties and gas flow in the coal seamthus causing difficulties in gas extraction.In order to solve the difficult problem of water-bearing gas extractionthis paper adopted the Guhanshan bituminous coal and Zhaogu anthracite to conduct the acoustic wave test of coal samples with different water-bearing saturation in the experimentand analyzed and studied the law by combining the Gassmann equation assumed by Wood theory and the kuster-toksoz theoretical equation.It is found that the water saturation of both ancient hanshan bituminous coal and zhaogu anthracite is 60%. The parallel bedding water saturation before 60% conforms to Gassmann equation assumed by Wood theoryand after 60% conforms to kuster-toksoz theoretical equation. Howeververtical stratification pores and fractures are relatively developedand the water saturation before 60% is inconsistent with Gassmann equation assumed by Wood theory. Thereforethe author established a modified formula to calculate wave velocities of different water saturationwhich is basically consistent with the actual wave velocities. After 60%it conforms to the kuster-toksoz theoretical equation. It provides a theoretical basis for defining the wave velocity variation rule of coal body under different water saturation.

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June 15th,2022

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