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2022 Issue 05

Study on coal mechanical damage law and anti-reflection effects under fracturing fluid corrosion affecting


WANG Ning,Li Shugang

Author Unit:

1.School of Safety Science and Engineering,Xi’an University of Science and Technology;2.Shaanxi Coal andChemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.;3.Shaanxi Coal Industry Co.,Ltd.

Key Words:

low permeability coal seams;fracturing fluid; corroded coal; mechanical damage; anti-reflection technology
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In order to improve the permeability enhancement effect of low permeability coal seamsthe traditional hydraulic fracturing technology of coal seam is improved by using surfactant and acid solution to corrode the coaland the corrosive fracturing fluid is used to enhance the damage effect of the fracturing fluid in the coal bodyrevealing the mechanical change characteristics of the corrosive coal. The anti-permeability technology of coal based on fracturing fluid corrosion is industrially applied in the coal mine siteand the effect of coal seam anti-permeability and gas drainage is investigated. The research results show that the failure process of coal samples corroded by fracturing fluid is divided into four stagesfracture closure stageelastic deformation stagestable fracture propagation stage and accelerated crack propagation stagethe corrosive fracturing fluid penetrates deep into the pores and fissures inside the coal rockreacts with the clay minerals and inorganic salt minerals and other impurity minerals in itcausing the destruction of the coal rock cavities and fissuresresulting in the appearance of non-penetrating fissures in the coal sample. After the corrosion treatmentthe stress value of the coal sample in the stable expansion stage of the crack during the failure process becomes smallerand the strength of the coal sample decreases. The lowestindicating that SDS has a positive effect on the corrosion effect destroying the coal structure. It can be seen through industrial tests thatcompared with ordinary hydraulic fracturing holesacid corrosion fracturing holes maintain a high concentration and high flow for a long time and decay slowly. The concentration of pilot holes in the fracturing-affected area is up to 76%; the average gas concentration is 8% higher than that of hydraulic fracturing holesand the drilling spacing is expanded from 6 m to 11 msaving coal mine gas control costs.

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June 15th,2022

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