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2022 Issue 03

Research on key technology of intelligent coal ploughing mining in thin coal seam below 1.0 m


FAN Zhizhong,PEI Yinchang,LIU Tianxi,YU Fengjiang

Author Unit:

CCTEG Coal Mining Research Institute, Mining Technology Branch;Coal Mining & Designing Department,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,; Production Technology Department,Liaoning Tiefa Energy Co.,Ltd.,;Chifeng Yuanbaoshan Disaster Prevention and Relief Center

Key Words:

thin coal seam below 1.0;coal plough;intelligent mining;equipment development
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In view of the problems of narrow mining space, difficult operation, serious resource discarding, low production capacity and poor economic benefit of thin coal seam under 1.0 m in China, through theoretical analysis, key technology development and field verification, the key technology of unmanned intelligent coal mining under 1.0 m is systematically studied; the matching of high-power coal plow and narrow short hydraulic support is proposed. The mining technology scheme establishes the comprehensive mining technology mode of thin coal seam under 1.0 m, including the evaluation of coal seam adaptability, the development of one-way double cutting coal mining technology, key equipment and intelligent control system, as well as the safety guarantee measures; develops a series of key equipment to adapt to the working face of coal plow under 1.0 m, including the hydraulic support with large expansion ratio column and adjustable moving space New technologies such as retractable control valve group, exposed valve lock and pipeline integrated block connection are adopted in scraper. Portable cable trough with embedded suspension arrangement and rotatable head lapping device are adopted in scraper. The relationship between planer speed and planer consumption is studied, and the adaptive real-time adjustment of planer speed and planer depth is realized according to the thickness of coal seam. The head of planer transport unit in fully-mechanized mining face is developed. The tail sub source power supply and synchronous integrated control technology reduce the height of the power supply cable trough in the coal face, facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the equipment and cables in the working face, avoid the damage and series of electrical faults caused by pushing and sliding, and also reduce the labor intensity of the workers, which provides the possibility to realize the mining of extremely thin coal seam. This technology achievement has been successfully applied in N1E902 working face of Daxing Coal Mine of Tiemei Group, realizing intelligent unmanned control and safe and efficient production, providing reference for unmanned mining of extremely thin coal seam under similar conditions. 

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May 15th,2022

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