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Review on coal and rock identification technology for intelligent mining in coal mines


ZHANG Qiang, ZHANG Runxin, LIU Junming, WANG Cong, ZHANG Hezhe,TIAN Ying

Key Words:

coal and rock identification; signal monitoring; infrared imaging; image features; reflection spectrum; electromagnetic waves; ultrasonic
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Accelerating the intelligent development of the coal industry chain is the focus of ensuring the stable supply of coal under the current environment, and coal and rock identification is the key technology to realize the intelligent construction of coal mines, improve the accuracy and efficiency of coal seam detection, intelligent mining, rapid separation, therefore, the paper carried out a review of coal and rock efficient identification technology methods. Firsty,according to different working condition, the coal and rock identification as a whole for the recognition of contact type and non-contact recognition, according to the technical categories,identification technology will be classified as existing recognition process signal monitoring, infrared thermal imaging, image characteristics and spectral reflectance, ultrasonic detection, electromagnetic wave detection, from recognition mechanism and technical principle has carried on the detailed introduction, and lists the typical characteristics of the coal and rock. Secondly, the paper comprehensively expounds the research status of various identification technology and summarizes the application status of coal and rock identification technology in engineering practice. From the theory of technology research, the working condition of the environmental impact, coal rock characteristics of three types: set up innings limit evaluation of different recognition technology, ultrasonic wave, electromagnetic wave detection technology limit lowest, infrared image recognition technology the highest limit, working condition of the environment on the infrared imaging to identify limitations, the most obvious characteristic of coal and rock on reflection spectrum signal recognition and process monitoring to identify limitations; the most obvious limit, based on the above bureau of coal and rock identification for the future research focus put forward four proposals: "the deep mining of the coal rock characteristic information,complex and changeful environment, the influence mechanism research,similar physical properties, a new method of coal and rock identification and applicability,comprehensive geological conditions of coal and rock identification method research, intellectualization of coal and rock identification technology development in our country, coal mine intelligence construction to provide theoretical guidance.

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June 15th,2022

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