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Overall design of intelligent construction in open pit coal mines


WANG Zhongxin,XIN Fengyang,SONG Bo,ZENG Xiangyu,LIU Yinglu,WANG Jinjin,TIAN Fengliang,ZHAO Ming,LI Jie,LI Shenyan

Key Words:

intelligent mine; open-pit coal mine; intelligent mining; industrial internet
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In order to seek the unified design idea and construction paradigm for intelligent open-pit coal mines and to ensure the effectiveness of the intelligent construction of open-pit coal mines, in view of the current open-pit coal mines problems suchas: focusing on 'soft' system construction, and ignoring 'hard' technology and equipment changes; emphasizing on business system construction, and ignoringtheexploration value of the data mining; deviating from demandby means of one-sided pursuit of unmanned mining; ignoring the economic attributes of intelligent building and other issues, the construction content around the three main lines of “people”,“equipment” and “system” is determined.The intelligent classification construction principle of dividing the intelligent degree of open-pit coal mine into three stages: primary stage, intermediate stage and advanced stage, and the principle of intelligent grading construction is put forward. The overall goal of intelligent construction of open-pit coal minesis to achieve individualized, safe and stable operation of all elements, the whole process and full life cycle of the mine is put forward.By analyzing the characteristics of open-pit coal mine production and intelligent construction, the overall design strategy of intelligent open-pit coal mines with technology-based, graded construction, value-oriented, orderly advancement and virtual reality symbiosis is put forward, in order to guide the systematization, scientisation and standardization of intelligent construction of open-pit coal mine in China.Based on the status quo of mining technology and process equipment level of open-pit coal mine in China and the actual needs of the mine, it is proposed that the construction of intelligent open-pit coal mine should take technology as the basic starting point and foothold, rather than unilaterally pursuing the essence of development with few or no people. The primary task and core of the intelligent construction of open-pit coal mines in China is to overcome the bottleneck problem of the core equipment of continuous and semi-continuous mining technology, establish a process system model, and realize the comprehensive interconnection of equipment groups and comprehensive data collection and management based on ubiquitous connection technology, and then carry out big data analysis and intelligent decision-making.Based on the idea of industrial Internet platform system architecture, a five-layer intelligent open-pit coal mine platform architecture of “perception, access, edge, intelligent coal mine industrial Internet platform and comprehensive management and control platform”has been establishedand the perception layer realizes the comprehensive perception of “human-machine-environment-management” information in open-pit coal mine. The access layer uses the intelligent data gateway module technology to realize the multi-source heterogeneous data protocol transformation, normalization and edge integration. The intelligent coal mine industrial Internet platform layer is composed of Internet of things management platform, cloud computing platform, technology platform, business platform and data platform to build an extensible open cloud operating system. The integrated management and control platform layer provides a series of innovative business applications such as design, production, management and service to realize independent decision-making and control, data sharing and intelligent linkage between systems.Five main application scenarios of intelligent technology-drivenopen-pit coal mine technology are constructed,and the primary, intermediate and advanced construction content of intelligent open-pit coal mine is proposed, and the basic law of intelligent construction of open-pit coal mine is clarified, that is, mines must be intelligentized. The value creation of construction is the evaluation criterion to determine the relevant construction content and reasonable investment scale, so as to form the final value of intelligent mine construction. 

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February 15th,2022

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