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New technological progress of coal mine intelligence and its problems


WANG Guofa

Author Unit:

China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Co., Ltd.,; CCTEG Coal Mining Research Institute;Coal Mining Branch, China Coal Research Institute

Key Words:

coal mine intelligence; 5G; basic theory of intelligence; giant system; system architecture
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Coal is the most economical and reliable resource in primary energy sources in China, and coal mine intelligence is the core technical support for the high-quality development of the coal industry. With the joint release of the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Intelligent Development of Coal Mines” by eight ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration, the supply-side structural reform and high-quality development of the coal industry have gradually accelerated. The deep integration of new-generation information technologies,such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and industrial Internet of Things with traditional mining professions have promoted the development of science and technology and engineering applications in the entire coal industry to a new stage. It systematically explained the latest situation of intelligent coal mine construction in China’s coal industry since 2019, and analyzed some typical successful technologies and application cases, elaborated on the top-level structure of coal mine intelligent construction in an all-round way to promote and guide technological progress and practice, and built the basic theoretical system of coal mine intelligentization, and a classification and hierarchical intelligent coal mine construction path was proposed, and the intelligent coal mine construction demonstration project was carried out based on different geological coal seam conditions, and good results have been achieved; in terms of the basic theoretical framework of coal mine intelligence, the intelligent coal mine digital logic model and data push strategy were proposed, and various types, complex correlation structures and coordination mechanisms of intelligent subsystems of coal mine giant system were constructed by sorting out the existing production system and production relations. The research and development was based on 5G + a new generation of intelligent systems, developing a complete set of technology and equipment for high-power, high-efficiency and intelligent mining of hard coal and thin coal seams, and a complete set of technology and equipment for the remote-controlled intelligent rapid excavation system of “anchor excavation integrated machine + anchor transportation and breaking + long-span transfer” intelligent ventilation system, underground lithium battery-driven unmanned vehicle system and intelligent dispatching system, unattended system for fixed positions, etc. The bottlenecks faced by the development of intelligent technology in coal mines in China were analyzed. It also proposed the electrification of underground vehicles and robots, underground wireless transmission power, 5G coal mine application scenarios and ecology, transparent geological models, compatibility and coordination of intelligent giant systems, continuous automatic excavation and parallel excavation branches, automatic height adjustment and straightening of coal mining as well as the development direction and construction path of ten intelligent coal mine technologies including normalized operation reliability of unmanned operating systems, ABCD(Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain,Cloud computing,big Data)+ coal mine technology system, and flexible coal production and supply system to ensure the smooth implementation of coal mine intelligent construction. 

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January 15th,2022

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