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Status and prospect of key technologies of intelligentization of fully-mechanized coal mining face


GAO Youjin, YANG Yi, CHANG Yajun, ZHANG Xingfu,LI Guowei, LIAN Donghui, CUI Kefei, WU Xueyi,WEI Zongjie

Author Unit:

Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group;Zhengzhou Coal Machine Hydraulic Electric Control Co.,Ltd.,;School of Electrical Engineering and Automation Henan Polytechnic University

Key Words:

fully-mechanized coal mining face;coal mine intelligentization; artificial intelligence;big data analysis
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Intelligentizationof fully-mechanized mining face (FMMF) is one of key development directions of coal mining in China. In the FMMF, the environment is complex with many pieces of equipment, the steps of the mining process couple seriously, and the actions of the equipment should be executed collaboratively when mining the coal, which brings an enormous challenge to the intelligent control of equipment. This paper aims to clarify the status of intelligent technology in the FMMF, explore the way to solute the technical problems, and discuss the future development direction. The development history and technical status forintelligentization FMMF are reviewed around the core equipment such as shearer, hydraulic support group, liquid supply system, and transportation system. In industrial application, the system structure and key technologies of the current intelligent FMMF are introduced, and the technical difficulties are analyzed. From a standpoint of cybernetics, the scientific issues in the intelligentization FMMF, such as shearer drum adjustment, attitude control and moving automatically with the shearer of the hydraulic support, the straightness adjustment of the working face, and coordination control of the equipment, are described emphatically. The technological path and the research status both overseas and domestic are introduced addressed to these issues from system modeling, control algorithm, and optical decision. Finally, the prospects of the intelligent development direction of shearer, hydraulic support, and transportation system are given according to the development trend of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, combined with the research results of computer vision, three-dimensional laser point cloud technology, big data analysis, multi-agent control and decision making, etc.,  this paper discusses the intelligent technologies in the aspects of video target recognition and tracking, 3D attitude perception of the key equipment, geological information acquisition and modeling of transparent working face, comprehensive diagnosis of equipment faults, information mining and intelligent analysis of working face, and intelligent optimal control of equipment group in FMMF. 

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August 15th,2021

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