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Development quo-status and thinking of mine geophysical prospecting technology and equipment in China


ZHANG Pingsong,OU Yuanchao,LI Shenglin

Author Unit:

School of Earth and Environment,Anhui University of Science and Technology

Key Words:

mine geophysical exploration;technology and equipment;intelligent precision;transparent geological;development and thinking
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As an important precision geological exploration and early warning means in the process of intelligent coal mining,mine geophysical exploration has been greatly enriched and improved from the aspects of technical theoretical algorithm,software simulation performance and equipment development and application after nearly 30 years of development,which plays a key role in the construction of intelligent and accurate mine geological support system. At the beginning of the 14th Five Year Plan,the development history and current situation of mine geophysical exploration equipment mainly including mine earthquake,mine direct current electric method and mine electromagnetic method are summarized and reviewed. Retrieved and counted the publication of high-quality academic papers in domestic mine geophysical prospecting in the past 30 years,and further analyzed the development law and current status of mine geophysical prospecting from multiple perspectives such as publication year,paper author,institutional source,and high-quality journals. Facing the development trend of deep and complex geological conditions of coal mining in China,this paper points out that the key problems that hinder the development and application of mine geophysical exploration technology are the imperfect basic theory,the limited application conditions,the urgent need to improve the intelligent and high sensitivity of instruments and equipment,and the multi solution of data inversion. Finally,in view of the development direction of mine geophysical prospecting in the construction of geological support system,the author gave my own thinking from the construction of mine in-situ experimental platform,transparent mine geology construction,and high-quality technical personnel training. Next,we should focus on the development goal of improving the intelligent and accurate mine geophysical technology and equipment pointed out in the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating Intelligent Development of Coal Mine". Starting from the actual situation,we should steadily and rationally promote the transparency of mine geology,speed up the development of domestic high-performance multi-attribute parameter instruments and equipment,build a cloud monitoring,diagnosis and guarantee system for multi-source geological hazard information,continuously improve the quality and efficiency of mine safety production in the new era. 

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June 15th,2022

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