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New development of intelligent mining in coal mines


WANG Guofa, XU Yajun,ZHANG Jinghu, ZHANG Kun, MA Ying,CHEN Hongyue

Author Unit:

CCCTEG Coal Mining Research Institute;Mining Design Institute, China Coal Research Institute;College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology;School of Mechanical Engineering, Liaoning Technical University, Liaoning

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine; hydraulic support; thin coal seam; large mining height; fully-mechanized top-coal caving; hard coal
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Intelligent mining has become the core technical support for the high-quality development of coal industry. After years of development, intelligent mining in China has formed four intelligent mining modes: intelligent unmanned operation of thin and medium-thick coal seams, man-machine-loop intelligent coupling high-efficiency fully-mechanized mining in large mining height coal seam, intelligent control and manual intervention to assist coal caving in fully-mechanized top-coal caving mining face, and intelligent + mechanized mining mode of complex conditions. In order to solve the problem of intelligent decision-making for fully-mechanized equipment in the working face, the intelligent collaborative control system (ICCS) of the working face has been developed to realize the self-adaptive coal cutting and self-sensing anti-collision of shearer, hydraulic power support, scraper conveyor and other fully-mechanized mining equipment based on the intelligent perception of coal flow, linkage control of fully-mechanized mining equipment, end and advanced support at working face. The above-mentioned research results have been applied in the Jurassic 1.1 m hard coal thin seam of Northeern Shaanxi, the fully-mechanized mining of the Jinjitan Coal Mine with an ultra-large cutting height of 8 m and the fully-mechanized top-coal caving mining in the Jinjitan Coal Mine of 9 m or more hard coal and extra-thick seams, the effects were remarkable. It has realized high-efficiency and intelligent unmanned mining in the Jurassic 1.1 m hard coal thin seam of northern Shaanxi, man-machine-loop intelligent coupling high-efficiency fully-mechanized mining with 8 m super large mining height, and intelligent fully-mechanized caving mining with ultra-large mining height for hard coal and extra-thick seam over 9 m.

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January 15th,2021

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