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Research and engineering progress of intelligent coal mine technical system in early stages


WANG Guofa,REN Huaiwei,PANG Yihui,CAO Xiangang,ZHAO Guorui,CHEN Hongyue,DU Yibo,MAO Shanjun,XU Yajun,REN Shihua,CHENG Jianyuan,LIU Siping,FAN Jingdao,WU Qunying,MENG Xiangjun,YANG Junzhe,YU Beijian,XUAN Hongbin,SUN Xikui,ZHANG Dianzhen,WANG Haibo

Author Unit:

Coal Mining Research Institute,China Coal Technology & Engineering Group; Tiandi Science & TechnologyCo.,Ltd;Xi’an University of Science and Technology; Liaoning Technical University;School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University; Coal Industry Planning and Design Institute Co.,Ltd.; Xi’an Research Institute Co.,Ltd., China Coal Technology and Engineering Group; Beijing Jiaotong University; Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.; Shaanxi Coal North Mining Co., Ltd.; Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd.,; Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd.; Yangquan Coal Industry(Group)Co., Ltd.; Datong Coal Mine Group, ; ZiboMining Group Co., Ltd.; Shandong Energy Xinwen Mining Group Co., Ltd.;Changzhou Research Institute,China Coal Technology & Engineering Group

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine; top-level design;intelligent mining;intelligent tunneling; three-dimensional geological model; standard system
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Coal is the most economical and reliable energy that can achieve clean and efficient use.The intelligent, safe, efficient development of coal resources and low-carbon clean utilization are the core technical support for achieving high-quality development of China’s coal industry.Based on the development requirements of the primary stage of coal mine intelligentization in China, the research and engineering construction of the coal mine intelligent technology system was carried out.The top-level design and research of intelligent coal mines were carried out, and the overall architecture of intelligent coal mines was divided into several layers including equipment layer, infrastructure layer, service layer and application layer based on the concept of “mine working as the platform”, and a special high-speed transmission network was built in the mining area, and data format and communication agreements and standards were unified.A number of platforms and systems have been built, including big data cloud platform, coal mine intelligent center and integrated management system, coal mine safety strong real-time communication network and underground precise location service system, geological support and 4D-GIS dynamic information system, roadway intelligent rapid tunneling system, mining work surface intelligent cooperative control system, coal flow and auxiliary transportation and warehousing intelligent system, coal mine underground environment awareness and safety management and control system, coal cleaning and intelligent system, coal mine full station equipment and health intelligent management system, coal mine area and green ecological intelligence system, etc., to achieve intelligent closed-loop management of coal mine production, safety, ecology, and security.For the information island problem in intelligent coal mines, technical research on multi-source heterogeneous data modeling, feature extraction, and data mining was carried out.The data-driven information entity modeling and update technology used a bottom-up approach to extract the attributes, associated information and functional information of the monitoring data, and constructed the mapping relationship between different data information, and established a mining information sharing service platform, provided data services in different application scenarios underground.In view of the problem that the existing coal shearer’s memory cutting was difficult to adapt to the coal seam thickness and changes in various geological conditions, an intelligent coal mine high-precision three-dimensional geological model construction method was studied, and a coal seam thickness adaptive cutting control method based on the dynamic update of the geological model was proposed.A three-dimensional geological model of coal seam thickness was established through the coal seam geological information,which used the coal-rock interface information obtained during the shearing process of the coal shearer to modify the geological model in real time, and planned ahead the cutting path of the next coal cut in order to realize automatic cutting control of the shearer based on the self-adaptation of coal seam thickness.The intelligent design technology was developed for working face mining and connection.By constructing a GIS “one map” distributed collaborative integration platform based on a unified spatial database, the geological information, engineering information, and equipment information were unified into a “one map”.The position coordinates of the continuous working face were entered in the geological model, the system automatically calculated the working face length, mining height, reserves and other related information, and based on the calculation results, it automatically selected the supporting design of the working face equipment and completed the various drawings and reports of the working face.The intelligent design of drawings, rules and specifications of the continuous working face were compiled and realized, which greatly reduced the repeated labor in the process of mining and excavation; the posture detection and navigation technology, automatic anchoring technology, automatic net laying technology, roadway 3D modeling and quality monitoring technology were studied, using laser target and inclination sensor combined navigation technology for directional navigation and self-correction of the roadheader; automatic mesh laying device was used with anchor drill rig to achieve roadway surrounding rock automatic bolt support; a laser scanning system was used to quickly scan and measure the roadway through the image stitching matching algorithm, to build a three-dimensional accurate model of the roadway, and achieve accurate monitoring of the quality of the roadway formation; through intelligent driving equipment and geology, the fusion of multi-source information such as spatial information was used to realize holographic perception and scene reproduction of the driving face; ultrasonic and laser combined ranging sensors were used to achieve a wide and accurate measurement of the relative position between the various equipment on the driving face, and the characteristics of ultrasonic measurement was used to determine the spatial relative motion mode of the associated equipment; the characteristics of high laser ranging accuracy was used to determine the precise location of the associated equipment, personnel identification sensors were used to perceive the personnel in the non-working area, and compiled through the operation process regulations and parameters between the equipment.The interlocking and coordinated control program of the complete equipment realized the coordinated linkage of the complete equipment for the excavation.The intelligent mining face featuring “manned patrol, unmanned operation” has been gradually promoted and applied throughout the country.The development and practice of shearer adaptive cutting technology based on the dynamic update of the three-dimensional geological model has been carried out in the middle of the shearer.A high-precision 3D gyroscope was used to monitor the position and posture of the shearer in real time, and combined the monitoring results with the aforementioned high-precision 3D geological model to determine the coordinate position of the shearer in the 3D geological model; The inspection robot was installed on the scraper conveyor, and a three-dimensional laser scanner was installed on the inspection robot to effectively merge the three-dimensional laser scanning data with the unit geological model data, the shearer posture data, and the shearer rocker cutting data.The real-time cutting curve of the shearer can be obtained, by comparing the actual shearing curve of the shearer with the geological model of the coal-rock layer interface curve, to achieve intelligent adjustment of the shearing height of the shearer.The coal and rock interface information was input into the 3D geological model, and the coal and rock interface information of 3 to 5 m in front of the working face was dynamically updated based on the difference algorithm, and good test results were obtained in some mining areas.The intelligent ventilation system was studied, and the parameters such as air volume, wind speed, gas and temperature at key points of the mine were monitored, and the technology of multi-source data coupling analysis, redundancy analysis, three-dimensional modeling, etc.which was used to perform real-time dynamic calculation of the mine ventilation network.The calculated data in real time was correlated to control related equipment such as mine main ventilator, local ventilator, air door, air window and so on.The paper analyzed the technical difficulties and solutions of the application of intelligent cleaning technology, intelligent auxiliary transportation technology, and 5G communication technology in coal mines, and systematically analyzed the key technical problems that restrict the construction of intelligent coal mines from the perspective of technology research and development.The paper elaborated in detail on the current stage achievements of large domestic coal production enterprises,such as Shendong Coal Group, Yankuang Group,Datong Coal Mine Group, Yangmei Coal Group, Zibo Mining Group, Xinwen Mining Group, the construction stage of intelligent coal mines.The combination of research and development and field practice analyzed the main technical problems and development directions in the process of intelligent coal mine construction.A study was carried outon the coal mine intelligent standard system, the framework of the coal mine intelligent standard system was put forward, and the “intelligent coal mine classification, classification of technical conditions and evaluation index system”, “intelligent comprehensive mining face classification, classification evaluation technical conditions and index system” and other related standards were drafted, providing standard support for the high-quality development of intelligent coal mine construction.

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July 15th,2020

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