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Top-level architecture design and key technologies of smart mine


WU Qunying,JIANG Lin,WANG Guofa,YE Ou, JIANG Zejun,DONG Lihong,GUO Jianjun, FU Limei, SHI Xiaonan, XI Xiao, XUE Zhongxin

Author Unit:

1.Northern Shaanxi mining Co., Ltd., Yulin ,China; 2.Xi’an University of Science and Technology,Xi’an ,China;3.Coal Mining Research Institute,China Coal Technology Engineering Group, Beijing , China;4.Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi’an ,China; 5.Shenmu Zhangjiamao Mining Co., Ltd., Shenmu ,China

Key Words:

smart mine; top-level architecture; business logic; technical services; data operation; coal mine intelligence
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The goal of intelligent mine construction is to be able to complete the precise collection, network transmission and standardized integration of mine “human, machine and environment” data on the basis of industrial Internet technology, so as to realize the mine intelligence of visual display, automatic operation and intelligent service.At present, the construction of intelligent coal mines is mainly based on a single business logic, less in-depth research on the system architecture of intelligent coal mine from data operations, technical services, business logics and other aspects, so it is difficult to achieve a goal of intelligent coal mine with strong versatility and scalability.In order to address the above issues, the basic connotations and construction principles of intelligent mines were first proposed, based on the concepts, connotations and analysis of the current status of intelligent mine research at home and abroad, and the construction concept of data standardization, network coordination, system integration and technology intelligence were introduced.Secondly, this paper proposed the top-level architecture system of intelligent coal mines and key technologies.The top-level architecture system mainly includes four parts: the overall architecture, the business logic architecture, the technical architecture and the data architecture of intelligent coal mine.From different perspectives of overall design, business analysis, technical implementation and data transfer, the approach can build a more integrated and comprehensive intelligent coal mine.After that, this paper discussed and studied the intelligent control technology, communication network technology, three-dimensional visualization technology, spatial information technology, big data analysis and mining technology, Internet of Things technology, machine learning theoretical methods, media intelligent technologies and other key intelligent technologies involved in the construction of the top-level architecture system of intelligent coal mine.Finally, on the basis of summarizing the top-level architecture design and key technical content of intelligent coal mine, this paper pointed out some key theoretical problems, system design and optimization problems that need to be addressed in the future construction process of intelligent coal mine, and clarified the research direction and realization goal for the continuous improvement of the top-level architecture design and the in-depth development of intelligent coal mine.

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July 15th,2020

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