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Research summary on digital twin technology for smart mines


ZHANG Fan, GE Shirong, LI Chuang

Author Unit:

1.School of Electrical and Information Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing, Beijing ,China) (2.Institute of Intelligent Mining and Robotics, China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing,Beijing ,China

Key Words:

smart mine; digital twin; digital twin mine; mine 5G;coal mine intelligence;coal industry internet
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Coal mine intelligence is the core technical support for the high-quality development of coal industry.The digital twin is geared towards the interconnection and intelligent application in the field of coal industry, playing a role as a bridge and link connecting the physical world and the information world.It will provide more real-time, intelligent and efficient services in coal mining, video surveillance, human-computer interaction, etc.Faced with the demand of intelligent mine technology, a novel idea of intelligent mine construction based on digital twin and 5G was proposed, which combined “digital twin+5G” with AI technology to procide an innovative method for realizing smart mines.This paper started with the problems existing in the development and application of intelligent mines, systematically sorted out and analyzed the current research and development status of intelligent mines.By studying the fusion application of the new generation of information technology and the industrial application technology, this paper expounded the concept of digital twins, and pointed out that twinning was an inevitable trend in the development of smart mines and will empower smart mines.In light of the difficulties and issues in the construction of intelligent mines, the theory of smart mine systems architecture based on “digital twins+5G” was proposed.By constructing a digital mine twin model(MDTM), planning the digital twin data platform of mine physical-information space and designing the integrated scheme of digital twin in smart mines to realize virtual and real mapping and real-time interaction between physical mine entities and digital mine twins.Focusing on the goal of smart mine construction, with smart mine system construction, optimization, and key technologies as the core, based on the mine physics-information space twin data platform and deep learning algorithms, a digital twin integration scheme for intelligent mines was designed and constructed to establish global domain perception and edge computing,data-driven and decision-supported mine management platform.Finally,according to the digital twin application requirements of smart mines, the key technical issues of digital twin empowering intelligent mines were proposed and discussed.The purpose of this paper is to provide theoretical reference for the intelligent mines′construction and design in the future through the research of digital twin technology for smart mines.

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July 15th,2020

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