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Specification and classification grading evaluation index system for intelligent coal mine


WANG Guofa,PANG Yihui,LIU Feng,LIU Jianzhong,FAN Jingdao,WU Qunying,MENG Xiangjun,XU Yajun,REN Huaiwei,DU Yibo,ZHAO Guorui,LI Mingzhong,MA Ying,ZHANG Jinhu

Author Unit:

1.Coal Mining and Designing Department,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing ,China; 2.Coal Mining Branch,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing ,China; 3.China National Coal Association,Beijing ,China;4.China Coal Society,Beijing ,China; 5.Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Xi’an ,China;6.Shaanxi Coal North Mining Co.,Ltd.,Shenmu ,China; 7.Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd.,Zoucheng ,China

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine;index system;grading evaluation;intelligent fully-mechanized mining;intelligent driving;intelligent auxiliary transportation
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In view of the lack of evaluation index system and method for intelligent coal mine construction and acceptance,and the traditional evaluation methods are difficulty to meet the requirements of diverse coal seam occurrence conditions in different regions and uneven construction infrastructure,the specification and classification grading evaluation index system for intelligent coal mine are proposed.The calculation results of coal mine intelligent degree is the basis for evaluation.The specification and classification grading evaluation soft for intelligent coal mine is developed,which meet the needs of intelligent coal mine construction and evaluation in different regions and different coal seam occurrence conditions.Firstly,the region and geological conditions is taken as the basic indicators,and the technical parameters,mining efficiency,safety level and construction foundation is taken as the reference elements,an intelligent coal mine classification and evaluation index system is established.The coal mine production technical conditions are divided into three categories:good,medium and complex.Then the intelligent coal mine are divided into information infrastructure,intelligent security system,intelligent fully mechanized systems,intelligent driving system,intelligent main coal flow transportation system,intelligent auxiliary transportation system,intelligent integrated security system,intelligent security monitoring system,intelligent washing system,intelligent management system and so on ten subsystems based on the connotation of intelligent coal mine technology and production process.The basic technical requirements for the intelligent construction of each subsystem are put forward.Based on the classification and evaluation results of coal mine production technical conditions,the evaluation index system of different types of coal mine intelligence grades is formulated.Based on the calculation results of coal mine intelligence degree,the evaluation results of each intelligent evaluation index system are divided into four grades: standard type,basic type,entry-level type and failing grade.With intelligent evaluation index system of coal mine,sorted,graded and,on the basis of intelligent mine,sorted,graded and evaluation system is developed,in the engineering background of intelligent building a mine of Shaanxi,the construction conditions of the mine production classification and intelligent classification evaluation,to verify the evaluation index system and evaluation method is scientific and reliability of the evaluation results can not only reflect the intelligent construction level of the mine,can also be intelligent upgrade to provide guidance for the follow-up.

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March 15th,2020

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