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Research status and development prospect of intelligent mining technology in coal mine


TANG Enxian ZHANG Yuliang MA Cheng

Author Unit:

Shaanxi Huangling Mining Co.,Ltd. Innovation Center of Intelligent Mining Technology in Coal Mine,Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China

Key Words:

intelligent mining; geographic and geological information; self-adaptive; self-diagnosis; big data analysis; intelligent mine;
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By analyzing the research status of itelligent mining technology in coal mines,it is pointed out that most of the research on itelligent mining technology of coal mine in China is mostly in the primary stage,mainly based on the' visualized remote intervention"intelligent mining technology route. Although no one and few pe ople work in the underground working face,and limited by the level of sensor level and processing system performance, the overall intelligent level of fully-mechanized m ining equipment is not high,and it can not be intelligently perceived and integrated with the change of geological conditions.Although domestic and foreign scientific res earch institutions are carrying out research and exploration on related technical problems such as coal and rock identification,they are basically in the stage of theoretic al research. There is still a long way to go from real practice and application.In addition,the existing equipment has not realized the fault self-diagnosis and the big data analysis and integration of the collected data,resulting in no breakthrough in the existing intelligent mining technology. Therefore,under the premise that many new tech nologies are not yet mature and key technical problems have not yet been overcome,in the future,it is impossible to explore and research along the existing technologic al route completely and technological innovation needs to be continuously carried out. Starting from the key technical problems existing in the application process of int elligent mining technology, this paper focused on the creation of the transparent working face of geo-geological information system,the coupling application of complex e nvironmental conditions of working face with intelligent mining,high-speed monitoring platform and big data analysis and processing technology. Innovative research CO ntents such as system adaptive and fault self-diagnosis technology have been prospected,and some suggestions and ideas are provided to further improve the level of i ntelligent mining technology in coal mines.
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October 15th,2019

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