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Progress and development trend of intelligent mining technology


LI Shoubin

Author Unit:

1.Central Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering,Beijing ,China;2.Beijing Tiandi-Marco Electro-Hydraulic Control System Co., Ltd., Beijing , China

Key Words:

intelligent mining; intelligent adaptive; robot technology;smart mine
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China’s coal industry has gradually entered the stage of intelligent mining, which is gradually realized in stages. The advancement from technology to equipment is an important guarantee for promoting intelligent mining of coal mines. The development history of intelligent mining technology and equipment in China was described, and the typical demonstration engineering application in the field of intelligent mining in China was given. Through analysis and summary, the intelligent mining was divided into four stages, which were defined as intelligent mining 1.0, intelligent mining 2.0, intelligent mining 3.0 and intelligent mining 4.0, and a brief explanation of each stage and its typical characteristics and technical overview were also provided. The three main constraints of intelligent mining application were analyzed: the stability and reliability of complete sets of equipment were poor; the adaptability of intelligent mining technology was not strong; the concept, thinking and management mode of intelligent mining still needs to be improved and other. The corresponding technical and management countermeasures were proposed. The various stages of intelligent mining were reviewed. A control theory model under the intelligent adaptive mining technology mode was proposed. The key technologies of intelligent mining such as 3D laser scanning technology, geophysical exploration equipment technology and robot technology were prospected. According to the analysis, the current intelligent mining had been in the transition to intelligent mining 3.0 stage. Countess efforts must be given in management aspects, investment, R & D team building and other aspects.With the gradual popularization and application of various advanced technologies, the higher stage goal of intelligent mining would eventually be achieved.

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October 15th,2019

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