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Framework and structure design of system construction for intelligent open-pit mine


ZHANG Ruixin, MAO Shanjun, ZHAO Hongze, GUO Suyu,JIA Hongjun, ZHAO Xuebin,SUN Jiandong, WANG Qun, LI Lin, MA Yuanping,WANG Yuxin,GUO Shuai, BAO Haiming,LIN Yuqi

Author Unit:

1.School of Energy and Mining Engineering,China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), Beijing ,China;2.School of Safety Engineering,North China Institute of Science and Technology, Sanhe ,China; 3.School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University, Beijing ,China;4.Open-pit Mine of Baiyinhua Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd., Xilinguole , China;5.Beijing Longruan Technologies Inc., Beijing ,China

Key Words:

intelligent open-pit mine;internet of things;big data;smart system;basic platform
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In view of the existence of information islands in China’s current open-pit mine informatization construction, various production departments cannot effectively coordinate data resource sharing, low automation of production equipment, automatic judgment of safety and insufficient early warning,based on the research on the development trend of smart mines at home and abroad, we put forward the definition of smart open-pit mine, the relationship between the level of intelligent open-pit mine, the principle of intelligent open-pit mine construction and the “1+4” intelligent system of phased construction.“1”base platform refers to the open-pit mine foundation support intelligent system,“4”business systems refer to open-pit mine space-time evolution intelligent system, open-pit mine equipment and process intelligent system, open-pit mine production plan and engineering management intelligent system, open-air mine integrated management intelligent system. The overall structure, architecture and technical framework of the intelligent open-pit mine formed by the above-mentioned system plan the key construction contents, project composition, implementation path and phased objectives of each system. It is pointed out that the construction of smart open pit mine is mainly composed of security system, standard specification system, key technology and decision-making system, information foundation support system, space-time evolution support system, production equipment and link management system, production planning and construction cooperation system, and comprehensive application management service system. It is proposed that the construction of smart open-pit mines is based on cloud computing, big data, internet of things and mining engineering expertise, and realizes the deep interconnection ability of “human-human”, “human-material” and “material-material” by using Internet of Things technology; Based on the unified network transmission standard, the monitoring system of blasting, mining, transportation, earth dumping, environment, etc,it can be organically connected with the safety production technology management system,such as electromechanical equipment management, dispatch communication, industrial TV, etc. It can use cloud computing and big data technology to mine and analyze massive data of mines and respond in time to provide data support for decision-making at all management levels of mines; A unified mining synergy platform can be established to enable mine blasting, mining, transportation,dumping and other departments to work together, break down information islands, realize distributed collaborative work of the mining industry, and finally achieve full coverage of information collection, full sharing of data resources, and statistics ,analyze automatic, complete management of business management, full monitoring of human-machine status and full record of production process. In the end, a complete and unified space-time framework and information system can be formed, and the multi-information integration and sharing of various business departments and the synergistic efficiency of the production system can be improved, making the mine more green, safe and efficient.

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October 15th,2019

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