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Seventy years development of coal mine rockburst in China:establishmentand consideration of theory and technology system


QI Qingxin,LI Yizhe,ZHAO Shankun,ZHANG Ningbo,ZHENG Weiyu,LI Haitao,LI Hongyan

Author Unit:

1.Deep Mining and Rockburst Branch,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing ,China;2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining andClean Utilization,Beijing ,China;3.Mine Safety Technology Branch,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing ,China; 4.School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing ,China; 5.School of Energy and Mining Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing ,China

Key Words:

rock burst; occurrence mechanism; monitor; control; standard; technology system
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he paper systematically introduces achievements of rock burst in the past 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It mainly focuses on the theory, monitoring, early warning equipment, prevention, control technology, construction of laws, regulations, and the standards. At the same time, this paper takes into account the work carried out by major foreign mining countries on the study of rock burst. It can be summarized that with the increase of the coal mining depth in China, the number of mines with rock burst and the degree of disaster damage have increased significantly. By contrast, due to the shrinking of coal mining in foreign countries, the rock bursts happen occasionally there. The study of the mechanism of rock burst abroad mainly happened in the 1950s and 1990s, while the major research achievements have been achieved over the past 30 years in China, including the "three factors" mechanism, the weakening mechanism of intensity reduction, stress control theory, start-up theory and disturbance response instability theory. In the aspect of monitoring and early warning of rock burst, foreign countries mainly focus on micro seismic and acoustic emission monitoring, together with the cutting method. On the basis of this, China has proposed mining stress monitoring methods and developed technical device which have been widely used in actual coal mine rock burst monitoring and early warning. In the prevention and control of rock burst, the focus was once put on the elimination and removal of the rock burst hazard of coal seam and roof, while in the past 10 years, useful explorations in the research and engineering practice in roadway support and coal and rock structure control have been carried out. It aims to strengthen the roadway support, control the structural stability and stress distribution of coal and rock mass geographically, develope the rock burst roadway support classification technology and use the hydraulic fracturing and deep hole blasting technology to control the hard roof rock strata. In terms of the construction of laws, regulations and standards related to rock burst, China has carried out a relatively systematic formulation work in the past 10 years. Regulations and related standards including "Detailed Rules for the Prevention and Control of Rock burst in Coal Mines" have been formulated and implemented, and a standard system for rock burst has been preliminarily established. 40 years of reform and opening up has witnessed the 40 years of research on rock burst in China. Over the past 40 years, the number of mines with rock burst in China has been increasing, the number of people studying rock burst has been increasing, the mechanism of rock burst has been improving, the monitoring technology and equipment of rock burst have developed from scratch, and their performance is continuously enhancing. Moreover, the prevention technology and method of rock burst is being perfected, and their effectiveness has been improving. The relevant laws and regulation of rock burst have been improving from scratch and now they are getting more complete. Generally, the theory and technology system of rock burst in coal mines in China have been basically formed. It should be noted that with the arrival of the era of big data, intelligence and robot, the theory and technology of rock burst will experience a greater development under the promotion of new science and technology.

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September 15th,2019

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