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Research and practice on intelligent coal mine construction (primary stage)


WANG Guofa,LIU Feng,MENG Xiangjun,FAN Jingdao,WU Qunying,REN Huaiwei,PANG Yihui,XU Yajun,ZHAO Guorui,ZHANG Desheng,CAO Xiangang,DU Yibo,ZHANG Jinhu,CHEN Hongyue,MA Ying,ZHANG Kun

Author Unit:

(1.Coal Mining and Designing Department, Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing , China; 2. Coal Mining Branch,China CoalResearch Institute, Beijing China;3. China National Coal Association, Beijing China; 4. China Coal Society,Beijing ,China;5.Yankuang Group Co., Ltd., Zoucheng , China; 6. Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.,Xi’an , China;7.Shaanxi Coal North Mining Co., Ltd.,Shenmu , China;8.Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an , China;9.Liaoning Technical University, Fuxin , China)

Key Words:

coal mine intelligent; intelligent mining; intelligent tunneling; system architecture; intelligent mining mode;intelligent mine
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Coal is the cornerstone of China’s energy, and it is the most economical and reliable energy which can be used cleanly and efficiently. The intellectualization of coal mine is the core technology support to realize the high quality development of coal industry. This paper systematically expounds the development course of China′s coal industry, analyzes the development process and present situation of coal mine comprehensive mechanization, automation and intellectualization, and enumerates some typical successful cases. The development concept, characteristics, technical path and stage goals of intelligent coal mine were introduced. The research status of basic theory and key technology were analyzed. The three key problems to realize the intellectualized coal mine were analyzed from the data acquisition and application of standard, equipment group of intelligent coordination control, health diagnosis and maintenance, etc. The main system architecture of intelligent coal mine were analyzed from the aspects of perception layer, transmission layer, platform layer and application layer. The main technical path of intelligent construction were studied. The four mining modes, such as intelligent unmanned mining mode suitable for thin and medium coal seams, intelligent and efficient man-machine cooperative patrol mode suitable for working face with large mining height, intelligent operation and manual intervention coal caving mode suitable for fully mechanized caving working face and mechanization and intelligent combined mining mode for coal seam with complex conditions, were proposed to adopt to different coal seams. The key technologies and implementation effects of different mining modes were studied. This paper introduces the development status of technology and equipment of China’s coal mine tunneling, analyzes the key problems that restrict the realization of rapid tunneling, and puts forward the research direction and technical path of intelligent and rapid tunneling. This paper puts forward the basic principles of intelligent development of coal mines in our country, analyzes on the intelligent development mode and evaluation standard of coal mines under different regional conditions, puts forward the intelligent construction path of new mines and the main tasks of intelligent transformation of existing production mines. From the aspects of laws and regulations, fiscal and tax policies, and personnel training, the paper puts forward some policy suggestions to ensure the smooth implementation of the intelligent construction of coal mines.

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August 15th,2019

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