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Main structure design of intelligent coal mine and key technology of system platform construction


PANG Yihui,WANG Guofa,REN Huaiwei

Author Unit:

1.Coal Mining and Designing Department,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing ,China;2.Coal Mining Branch,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing ,China

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine;internet of things;big data platform;image identification;remote operation
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In view of the problems of isolated information and fragmented subsystems in the process of coal mine construction,the main structure of intelligent coal mine was proposed based on the system architecture of the independent perception and control,information transmission,unified operation platform,underground system platform and production management and control platform.The underground multi-source data sharing platform was established through comprehensive monitoring the information based on the underlying system of autonomous perception system and unifying the data-format,communication protocol,communication mode and so on,which implemented the unified data management and sharing of the subsystems.The unified operation platform was used to manage the underground production system,safety support system and comprehensive support system unified,which solved the problems of the isolated information island and the subsystems disconnection.The underground system platform not only provided data support for the upper production management and management platform,but also provided decision-making basis for the intelligent control of the underlying mechanical equipment,which realized the intelli-gent control of underground information perception,analysis,decision-making and controlling.The intelligent production system of the intelligent coal mine was subdivided into the geological and mine mining information dynamic management platform,precise positioning,navigation and communication management and operation platform,and the intelligent integrated management platform of the low-manpower mining system,and the organizational structure and technology path between the subsystem of longwall mining was described in detail.The safety guarantee system of intelligent coal mine were classified based on the type of hazard,the main structure of the intelligent safety guarantee system was established,and the technical path of the underground hazard behavior and regional identification system was analyzed.The intelligent comprehensive safety guarantee system was classified based on the demand analysis of the underground mining engineering.The intelligent comprehensive safety guarantee system was constructed,and the implementation process of the on-line diagnosis and remote operation and maintenance system of the underground equipment was discussed in detail.The key technologies of the intelligent coal mine construction needed to be broken through in the future were prospected from five aspects,such as basic theory,information perception,data processing,efficient transmission and precise control.

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March 15th,2019

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