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German Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing development of Chinese coal machine equipment


WANG Guofa DU Yibo

Author Unit:

Coal Mining Technology Department,Tiandi Science and Technology Co,Ltd. Mining Design Institute,China Coal Research Institute

Key Words:

German Industry 4.0; intelligent manufacturing; made in China 2025 strategy; coal machine equipment; intelligent mine;
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This paper summarizes the development background of the industrial revolution and the development strategy of intelligent manufacturing in major count ries in the world,and points out that the technological innovation based on the cyber-physical system has promoted the global manufacturing industry reform.With the lo ss of demographic dividend, knowledge dividend highlights,the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry has become the trend of the times. First,the conn otation,characteristics and the key technology of intelligent manufacturing and its core content were expounded. The basic attribute of intelligent manufacturing is to rea lize the depth self-perception of information and the self-execution of precision control,and on this basis to realize intelligent optimization self-decision-making.Intelligen t manufacturing takes data as its core and as its characteristics.The key technologies of intelligent manufacturing include atificial intelligence technology,industrial robo t technology,big data technology,cloud computing technology,internet of things technology and the whole information system. Furthermore,this paper introduced the dev elopment layout and present situation of German Industry 4. 0 and pointed out that the strategic measure of German Industry 4.0 is to integrate the traditional industry a nd information technology deeply,to carry out cross-border cooperation among different industries,to combine innovation,technology and industry,and to realize the dock ing between the Red Sea and the Blue Sea of economic industry.Meanwhile,the present situation of intelligent manufacturing for coal machine equipment in China was analyzed and the important progress of the key technology such as intelligent welding,flexible digital workshop and so on was introduced.Based on the analysis of char acteristics for coal machine equipment manufacturing industry in China,the key tasks of developing intelligent coal machine manufacturing were pointed out: standardiz ation and modularization for products and data; Construction of intelligent manufacturing system and innovation of process; Construction of intelligent manufacturing inf ormation system and basic network; Promotion of lean management and service industrialization; Construction of intelligent manufacturing personnel training system.Fi nally,the strategies and paths to realize digitization,networking and intelligence and develop intelligent manufacturing in the progress of transformation and upgrading for coal machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises was put forward.
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May 15th,2022

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