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Development direction of intelligent coal mine and intelligent mining technology


WANG Guofa,DU Yibo

Author Unit:

1.Coal Mining and Designing Department,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing ,China;2.China Coal Technology & EngineeringGroup Corp., Beijing ,China;3.Mining Design Institute,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing ,China

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine; intelligent mining; technical architecture; coal mine robot; coal mine giant system; operating platform
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It is pointed out that the development of intelligent coal mine is the only way for the development of China coal industry. The coal mining in our country is dominated by underground mining, and important progress has been made in intelligent fully-mechanized mining for the thin coal seam mining, large height mining, super high height mining, and super thick seam coal caving. It is proposed that wisdom coal mines should build a comprehensive perceptual network, establish a high-speed data transmission channel, form a big data application center, and develop a business cloud service platform based on a set of standard system. Eight intelligent systems should be constructed for different business departments to realize on-demand service and the basic structure and principles of intelligent coal mine intelligent system design were put forward. Five key research and development directions of intelligent coal mine were put forward: accurate geological information system technology and equipment; Internet of things technology and equipment in intelligent coal mine; Intelligent and rapid tunneling technology and equipment of roadway; Key technology and equipment of unmanned mining; Research and development of coal mine robot technology and products. At the same time, the key technical issues involved in each research and development direction were analyzed in detail, and the technical route and key equipment of R & D was put forward. It is pointed out that the wisdom coal mine and intelligent mining is a giant system, which should follow the system engineering theory and mining rules, develop the intelligent coal mine giant system comprehensive management and development operation platform. The core of the intelligent coal mine giant system operation platform should include: production process control data exchange standardization based on Ethernet/IP; information system cross-platform interaction based on Web Service; coal mine big data acquisition and analysis processing platform;open multi-system management software and operation platform. According to the business logic of intelligent coal mine giant system, this paper put forward the construction of “1+8 intelligent operation platform” to realize multi-information fusion and intelligent collaborative production of each production link. Finally, the general goal, stage realization goal and development path of intelligent coal mine construction were put forward.
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January 15th,2019

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