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2017 Issue 12

Technology of anti-violation protection of electric power supply system in underground coal mine


GUO Chunping

Author Unit:

Shanxi Quan'an New Technology Development Company Limited

Key Words:

anti anti-violation protection; shortage of anti anti-violation; bottom line of anti-violation; operation on live power current line; gas explosion; three maj or protections;
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In order to prevent the operation on a live power current line of anti-violation and the gas explosion, the paper analyzed and studied the related informati on and equipment features, about 65% of the anti-violation operation accidents on the live power current line occurred at the terminal boxes of the electric equipment. T he indirect causes of the anti-violation operation occurred were against regulation weak links, for example easy to open the live power box with anti-violations and to op en the box would maximally only cause 2 min and 40 s, Therefore, the anti-violation protection was provided and applied to pre-control the anti-violation operation. The paper stated the principle and the application cases of the anti-violation protection technology. A study was conducted on the analysis and comparison of the three majo r protections. The comprehensive analysis study showed that in the transient process of the against regulation operation on a live power current line, before no anti-viol ation operation to release the fastened bolt or to walk close the electric power mass and to contact the bottom line of anti-violation, the operation signal of the human 0 peration behavior would be turned to the electric signal in order to realize the warming or the power break or the locking and to ensure an anti-violation operation to be f allen or an against operation with no accident occurred. Therefore, the operator's behavior signal turned to the electric signal would have an important role to pre-contro | the anti-violation operation on the live power current line and highly reduce the mine gas explosion accident in the underground mine at home and abroad.
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December 15th,2017

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