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2017 Issue 12

Calculation and analysis on the max gas explosion pressure


JIA Baoshan XIAO Minghui YIN Bin Wang Liancong LI Shouguo

Author Unit:

School of Safety Science and Engineering, Liaoning Technical University MOE Key Lab of Mine Thermodynamic Disaster and Prevention, Liaoning Technical University Department of Safety Engineering, Xinjiang Institute of Engineering National Key Lab of Mine Safety Technology, Shenyang Research Institute Company Limited, China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

gas; nitrogen; maximum explosion pressure; explosion hazard;
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In order to solve the problem of gas explosion hazards in the underground mine, the method of flling nitrogen was adopted, two research methods of the oretical calculation and CHEMKIN numerical simulation software were used to study the influence of nitrogen on methane, the explosive mixed gas was selected as the study subject. An unitive performance condition was set up, the relevant mathematical formula and the chemical reaction equation were applied to individually calculate the max explosion pressure value of the methane with different concentrations, to study the data variation features of the max explosion pressure with the two methods and to compare and summarize the max explosion pressure variation law of the gas. The results showed that the nitrogen would have a restrain role to the methane exp losion. With the nitrogen increased, the max explosion pressure of the methane would have a relevant attenuation and wholly would be in a unary linear relationship. Th e max explosion pressure value theoretically calculated would basically be ftted with the numerical simulation and the up and low fluctuation range would be only (0.01 ~ 0.30) x105 Pa.
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December 15th,2017

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