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2017 Issue 11

Study on strata behavior law of fully-mechanized mining face with 8 m large mining height


ZHANG Lihui LI Nannan

Author Unit:

Bulianta Coal Mine, Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Corporation Limited

Key Words:

large mining height fully-mechanized working face; Shendong Mining Area; strata behavior; full seam one passing mining;
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According to the fully-mechanized mining face with large mining height when the mine pressure appear more intense, prone to coal wall, roof pressure fr ame and other accidents, taking Shandong Mining Area first 8 meters fully-mechanized mining face as the research object, the numerical simulation analysis showed th at the peak value of abutment pressure in fully-mechanized mining face coal wall around 6 ~ 9 meters, the peak pressure in the coal lane to help the wall around 6 mete rs, based on the field observation and data analysis of the support pressure of mining face of mine pressure were studied. The results showed that with the mining heig ht were broken up, help phenomenon aggravate, the first pressure step of the work mining face away from 40 to 44 meters, continuous pressure for 5 knives, periodic w eighting distance was 7. 5~ 16. 8 meters and an average of 10.77 meters, continuous pressure for 2 ~ 8 knives and an average of 4.8 knives, roughly the present big- small iregular change trend, dynamic load cofficient was 1. 36 ~ 1. 74, the compressive strength was stronger, compared with 7 meters mine pressure behavior obvio us, weighting was reduced, compressive strength was increased, support resistance met the supporting conditions of surplus to a certain extent, this would provide a SC ientific basis for safety mining of the next large mining height work face.
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June 15th,2022

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