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2017 Issue 11

Study on design and manufacturing key technology of 8.8 m hydraulic powered support


GAO Youjin

Author Unit:

Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Company Limited

Key Words:

8.8 m hydraulic powered support; manufacturing technique; large diameter cylinder leg; high strength steel material;
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According to the status of a cutting height 8.8 m hydraulic powered support existed no material of the large diameter cylinder leg, available processing a nd manufacturing equipment and others would hard to meet the requirements.A study was conducted on the powered support type set up, the powered support central d istance determination, the leg cylinder diameter selection and manufacturing, the high strength steel material development and welding technique study and other aspe cts. Finally, the ZY26000/40/88 D mode powered support was determined, the central distance of the powered support was 2.4 m and the cylinder diameter of the lag W as φ600 mm. An optimized processing and manufacturing technique was formed to effectively ensure the product quality. The ZMJ06 high strength steel material was joi ntly development with steel company. The yield strength was 890 MPa, would effectively reduce the weight of the powered support and the total weight of the powered s upport could be controlled within 100 t. At present, the 8. 8 m high cutting hydraulic powered support was successfully passed the test of the national certification organ ization and the excellent effect had made a good technical reservation for the late batch production.
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May 15th,2022

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