Coal Science and Technology enjoys a high reputation and brand awareness in the journal industry. The total citation frequency and impact factor of our journal have always been at the forefront of similar journals. It was rated as Chinese Core Journal, China Science and Technology Core Journal, and RCCSE China Academic Journal (A). Up to now, it has been successively included by well-known databases at home and abroad such as the China Science Citation Database (CSCD), the US Chemical Abstracts (CA), the Geological Reference and Preview Database (GPR), the Russian "Digest Magazine", and the Polish "Copernic Index".

According to the latest “2019 Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factor Report” published by China Knowledge Network, Coal Science and Technology in 2018 has been cited 10167 times, with a composite impact factor of 2.502, ranking third in 75 journals of mining engineering and currently positioning in Q1 district. In 2019, the World Academic Impact Index (WAJCI) of Coal Science and Technology is 1.449, ranking 10th in 32 world academic journals in the “Mining and Ore Processing” discipline in Q2 district. Among the 32 world journals, only 4 academic journals in China were selected. Coal Science and Technology ranks 1st among the 4 academic journals.

According to the China Highly Cited Analysis Report 2017 published by the China Institute of Science and Technology Information in 2018, the number of highly cited papers published in Coal Science and Technology is 44, ranking the top 3 in the subject journals; Two from Coal Science and Technology were published as the Top 10 highly cited papers.

In 2018 and 2019, Coal Science and Technology was selected as the "Top 100 Google Academic Journals of Chinese Academic Influence" for two consecutive years (selected from more than 9,000 Chinese-language journals).

In 2013, Coal Science and Technology won the “Nomination for the Third China Publishing Government Award” (40 kinds were selected from more than 5,000 scientific and technical journals in China, and it was the only journal in China's coal industry journals receiving this award).